Technology-enabled solutions and consulting services designed to meet your business challenges.


A2K doesn’t believe in one-size-fits-all answers. That’s why our offerings range from project-specific consulting engagements to technology-enabled SaaS solutions.

Because your solutions should be as unique as your challenges.

Key Value Indicators

Key Value Indicators measure the value of program benefits that don’t readily translate to a direct financial value. While related to Key Performance Indicators, KVIs are forward-looking, forecasting the future impact of everything from products to content. Key Value Indicators are primarily used when evaluating “should you do it,” while KPIs measure how well you’re doing after the decision is made.

A KVI framework:

  • Creates an agreed organizational approach to consistently evaluating qualitative value and expected performance.

  • Empowers decision-making that’s based on realistic forecasts, benchmarked context, and holistic value

  • Delivers a measurement plan that’s actionable, readily translating to meaningful KPIs

Reputation Analytics

A2K’s Reputation KPI distills the quality, context, and tone of media coverage to a single KPI, indexed against competitive benchmarks. Understand your media visibility and reputation in a competitive context:

Awareness: Your influence and reach in authority media benchmarked against the competitive set.
Perception: The quality of media coverage assessed by the type of coverage (prominence, thought-leadership, etc.) and sentiment.

A2K delivers Reputation Analytics in a Reporting as a Service (RaaS) format, giving you both online access to the metrics and the comprehensive competitive insights that allow you to:

  • Maximize your return on existing resources

  • Benchmark your existing strategy and efficacy

  • Understand what’s working for the competition

  • Set measurable objectives

  • Inform existing and new investments in marketing, communications and creative

  • Measure internal and agency performance

Reputation Dashboard: Trendline

Reputation Dashboard: Benchmarks

Consulting Services

We leverage a new interdisciplinary model that brings together a curated collective of senior-level specialists with the specific talent and domain expertise you need. These are some areas our recent work has been focused on:

  • Business and Organizational Strategy

  • Evaluation and Decision Frameworks

  • Forecasting and Measuring Qualitative Value

  • Analytics, KPI Design, and Success Measurement

  • Marketing & Communications Architecture

  • Reputation / Valuation Narrative Development

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About Us

A2K doesn’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. We leverage a new interdisciplinary model that brings together a curated collective of senior-level specialists with the specific talent and domain expertise you need. This open innovation model eliminates traditional consulting capacity constraints and ensures that you always have a flexible team that brings fresh approaches, new ideas, and leading-edge solutions.


Aaron Mann
Aaron MannPresident
Aaron is a strategy and analytics leader focused on delivering clear value and measurable results. He has over 20 years of experience working with companies that span Fortune 500 enterprises, high-growth technology companies, and venture-backed startups.

Aaron’s had the privilege of working on strategy, operational execution, and analytics with leading companies including Genentech, Visa, Norton, Roche, Capital One, Verizon, and Lenovo. Always curious, Aaron has a talent for asking the right questions, understanding the business problem, and then designing the right strategies and tactics to deliver results.

Aaron enjoys climbing, snowboarding and anything two-wheeled, from mountain bikes to motorcycles.