A2K helps organizations make better decisions by implementing solutions that bring structure to qualitative assessments of value. Our predictive modeling and Key Value Indicator solutions bring organizational discipline to forecasting and measuring implicit value.


A2K’s solutions are designed to meet your specific business challenges, combining consultative implementation with our enabling Software as a Service technology.

Key Value Indicator Solutions

A2K’s Key Value Indicator solution balances financial and non-financial outcomes, giving your organization a tool to make holistic decisions that consider full organizational benefit.

What are Key Value Indicators (KVIs)?

Key Value Indicators measure the value of program benefits that don’t readily translate to a direct financial value.  While related to Key Performance Indicators, KVIs are forward-looking and intended to forecast future non-financial benefits. Key Value Indicators are primarily used when evaluating “should you do it,” while KPIs measure how well you are doing after a decision is made.


Why should you be using Key Value Indicators in your organization?

Many programs, from operations to marketing, produce a lot more than financial benefits. While an organization may realize a return through things like cost reduction or cycle time improvement, the financial ROI can be equaled and sometimes overshadowed by implicit benefits in areas like reputation, industry relationships, ability to recruit talent, employee development, and long-term competitive advantage.  A2K translates forecasts of that value into disciplined evaluation frameworks.

The KVI methodology:

  • Creates an agreed approach to consistently valuing non-financial benefits supported by benchmark data
  • Doesn’t force fit “soft” benefits into financial projections, resulting in more realistic and achievable financial projections
  • Empowers decision-making based on realistic forecasts and benchmarked context

Here are examples of a few common Key Value Indicators:

  • Relationships
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Quality
  • Compliance
  • Industry Landscape
  • Reputation
  • Recruiting
  • Talent Development
  • Innovation
  • Resources

How does the A2K’s Program Evaluation Solution work?

Key Value Indicator design and Implementation:

Once in place, A2K’s Software-as-a-Service platform delivers an intuitive and organization-specific user experience.

Reputation Analytics

Brand reputation is an area that has few rigorous evaluation frameworks or obvious Key Value Indicators.  AudienceArc is A2K’s brand reputation tool. AudienceArc is a Reputation KVI that distills the quality, context, and tone of organization’s media coverage to a single Key Value Indicator, indexed against competitive benchmarks. The Reputation KVI can also be used as a Key Performance Indicator tracking the trajectory and velocity of reputation and narrative.

AudienceArc is delivered as a self-service platform, or the A2K team can deliver “Reporting as a Service” reputation assessment and ongoing monitoring reports.

Reputation Key Value Indicator Dashboard - Trendline
Reputation Key Value Indicator Dashboard: Trendline

Reputation Key Value Indicator Dashboard
Reputation Key Value Indicator Dashboard: Benchmarks

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About Us

A2K’s helps organizations make better decisions by implementing solutions that bring structure to qualitative assessments of value. Our team has designed programs for a wide range of clients, business types and industries. We have worked extensively in the technology, financial services, and pharma sectors and worked with both for-profit and nonprofit organizations.  Specific focus areas include:

  • Assessment and Evaluation Program Development
  • Organizational, Brand, and Marketing Strategy
  • Predictive Models leveraging Key Value Indicator Frameworks
  • Enabling Technology Development


Aaron Mann
Aaron MannPresident
Aaron’s career has been focused on big data, analytics, and orginazational startegy. In 2006 he founded RelevantMind, one of the first social media curated content platforms. In 2009 he launched AudienceArc, and had the privilege of working on strategy, operational execution, and analytics with leading brands including Visa, SanDisk, Trulia, Capital One, Verizon, United Healthcare and Lenovo.

Aaron enjoys climbing, snowboarding and anything two-wheeled, from mountain bikes to motorcycles.

Todd Lash
Todd LashChief Product Officer
Todd is a product strategy exec with years of experience in software product marketing, digital marketing and product management. At AOL, RevolutionHealth, Silicon Valley Bank, RespondTV, GetActive, and others Todd had proven his ability to bring together sales, marketing, technology, together to design and rapidly bring to market complex products in diverse and new categories; email servers and then email marketing, interactive TV, publishing, ecommerce, digital advertising and social media analytics, and healthcare.